VIRUS WARNING – Invoice from your bank

It’s an old scam, but still around and looking more legitimate every day. You should never open am email from someone that you do not know. Of course they make it about money so maybe will be curious enough to open the attachment which will infect your computer.

How do you know this is fake without opening it?

First clue: The email has an attachment from an unknown source. Are you expecting an invoice from someone named Mohammand Herron? No. Strike one.

Second clue: What is the bank name: your bank? Never heard of it. That is the biggest clue and that alone tells me that this is a fake email.

Third clue: Fake contact information. Google the phone number, name and/or address in the email. Most likely the information is false or incorrect.

Strike Three–Email Deleted.

These same indicators can be used for any email. Do you know the person sending it? Are you expecting an attachment from them? Is it clear in the email that the attachment is okay? Does the email address you properly. If you get an email from your buddy Frank and it starts with Mr. {EmailAddress} you may not be getting an email from Frank. Someone may have stolen or spoofed his account. Best thing to do is give Frank a call. That will let him know his email has been hacked and he can take steps to recover.