Reduce What IT Cost

Is the technology taking you away from focusing on your business?  How much time do you spend juggling software vendor support and training?  We can handle your communications with software vendors, meet with you for I.T Budget reviews, and assist users and vendors during training.  Let us be your I.T department for one low monthly cost, no surprises.

Simplified Price / Easy Management

No more sticker shock when someone gets a virus attack, has problems with a printer or even when a server does not respond due to the most recent Microsoft Update failure.  You are covered.  Four hours on-site service for a virus attack—you are covered.  Six hours on-site server firmware upgrade—you are covered.  Two hours of user support and training with the new email system—you are covered.

I understand as a small business owner myself that you do not have the extra time to spend on technology absorption.  Our new simplified Monthly Management Program can give you more for less: more support for less money.  Let us handle your company’s I.T support and Managed Services so you can stop worrying about your workstations and start running your company.    For less than $100 per computer each month, we can reduce what your IT support costs.