Facebook Tips – Change Cover Photo

To change your cover photo (header photo), first click on your name to go to your page.
Facebook - upper left - Your Name arrow

On your page, hover over your existing cover photo and you will see a button in the lower left of the photo that says “Change Cover.” Hover or click on that button to display the options.
Facebook - Change Cover Photo Options

If your new photo is already in your photo album, click “Choose from Photos.” This will let your select a photo from your album. Click the photo. You can also select “Upload Photo” if you want to add a new photo from your computer. Browse to your new photo and upload it.

Whichever you select you will have the option to position your photo by moving it around before saving. Once everything is in place, click the Save Changes button.

If you find you want to change the position again, you can select the “Reposition” option from the “Change Cover” options to adjust the photo position.

Or if for some reason you want to remove your cover photo completely, just click remove.

Facebook changes often, this process may have changed since this was written. If you would like to add suggestions or improvements feel free to add them in the comments area.