Cleaning Your LCD Monitor

When cleaning your LCD monitor, you may have some confusion about what is the best product to use. You will find a number of products ranging from a few dollars to over $40 for some cleaning products.  Don’t bother!

If you just “want” to spend money, buy some Distilled water, Isopropyl 99% Alcohol and a microfiber cloth.  You may want to just look around the house.  You probably already have what you need lying around somewhere.

Microfiber clothes are often included with eye glass repair or cleaning kits.  Or look in your automotive section for a microfiber cloth or two.  Just make sure it is as clean.  Any rough or rigid protrusion will scratch your LCD screen.

To clean your LCD, first use just the microfiber cloth to lightly remove all the dust and particles from the screen.  Normally the cloth alone will not remove the smudges and smears.  But you want to remove as much of the “large dust” from the screen as possible. Use a very light touch.

Next, combine equal parts of your distilled water and alcohol together to create a cleaning solution.  Use only a very small amount on your cloth.  Do NOT spray your LCD screen directly.  Your cloth should be slightly less than damp.

Clean with small circular motions and a light touch to the screen.  You can apply slightly more force to the difficult areas, but it is important to keep your touch as light as possible to complete the job.

You can finish by cleaning the outside casing.  You can apply extra force on the outside case along with more solutions than you used for the screen itself.  But you should not spray any liquid on any part of the monitor.

  • Monitor should be off and unplugged
  • Lay the monitor down on a hard flat surface
  • Apply a very small amount of cleaning solution (less than damp)
  • Use small circular motions during cleaning
  • Apply light pressure, only increasing slightly for difficult areas