Facebook page or Facebook group

Q: Should we set up a Facebook page of a Facebook group for our company/ organization /team?

If you are looking to move your brand into the world of social media, you will want to consider what kind of interaction you want with your supporters.

A Facebook Page is mainly used to allow your organization to more formally manage its push of information to the masses. Pages allow you track how many members you have and keep detailed analytics on page visits. It also allows for more targeted messaging. If you are going to be passing information from your organization to the public without much interaction with your members, you can use a page to brand yourself in the social media. You will most likely also want a Twitter and/or Google+ account for the same entity.

A Facebook group is more like an informal conference room with a less controlled environment. Everyone is allowed to talk and interact more freely, maybe even with different sub-topics of the original group. The group is more open to mass communications between the members and not just to the branded entity. Information in a group is usually more free-flowing than on a page. A group can also limit its membership by only accepting private members or requiring all post to be approved by an administrator before being posted.

If you compare it to live events: a page would probably have a speaker in formal setting and a group would be more of an informal meeting hall with maybe a presenter or two with free-flowing topics. Groups have the option of allowing everyone to speak while pages limit that ability but allow you to track visitors and analytics.

Another Facebook Hoax about settings – FALSE

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The facebook post looks something like this:


The next 2 weeks I will be posting this, and please, once you have done it, please post done! Those of you who do not keep my information from going out to the public, I will have to DELETE YOU! I want to stay PRIVATELY connected with you. I post shots of my family that I don’t want strangers to have access to!!! However, with the recent changes in Facebook, the “public” can now see activities on ANY wall. This happens when our friends click “like” or “comment”… automatically, their friends would see our posts too. Unfortunately, we cannot change this setting by ourselves because Facebook has configured it that way. PLEASE place your mouse over my name above (DO NOT CLICK), a window will appear, now move the mouse on “FRIENDS” (also without clicking), then down to “Settings”, click here and a list will appear. REMOVE the CHECK on “LIFE EVENTS” and “COMMENTS & LIKES”. By doing this, my activity among my friends and family will no longer become public. Now, copy and paste this on your wall. Once I see this posted on your page, I will do the same. Thank you



Do NOT follow the instructions and do not pass this settings post around it is FALSE.

The settings you would be having the user change is what allows them to see your information in their News Feed.  So “un-checking” all your options means they do NOT see anything from you in their “News Feed.”  They will still be able to contact you and everything else will be the same–they just will not get regular Facebook feeds from you.

Please do not do this and do not allow your friends to pass this information around.



What have you been doing on Facebook?

Ever “Liked” something on Facebook or made a comment about something, but within minutes can’t remember exactly where to find it again.  Or maybe your prankster girlfriend just got on your page, now you are wondering what she posted or changed.  You can see it all:

Log into Facebook and Click on Your Name

Facebook - upper left - Your Name arrow


Click the “Activity Log” button under your cover photo on the right side.

You will see a list of all your activity including post, likes, etc.




Contact Lens melt to your eyes at BBQ – FALSE

BE WARNED — If you are following links to articles and links on facebook you may be opening yourself up to possible infection from the many malware, virus and spyware attacks that attach themselves to facebook profiles and links. Do yourself a favor and have your computer checked today.. GET A FREE DIAGNOSTIC TODAY .. Call (940) 320-9114 or Chat with an technician for details.

The story looks something like this

Important Information :
A 21 year old guy had worn a pair of contact lenses during a barbecue party.(An event or meal at which food is cooked outdoors over an …open grill or fire) While barbecuing he stared at the fire charcoals continuously for 2-3 minutes. After a few minutes, he started to scream for help and moved rapidly, jumping up and down. No one in the party knew why he was doing this?
Then he admitted into the Hospital, the doctor said he’ll be blind permanently because of the contact lenses that he had worn. Contact lenses are made by plastics, and the heat from the charcoal melted his contact lenses.
Friends if u feel the information is important, Please share this message to all your near & dear ones.


You can see this debunked at


Facebook Tips – Change Cover Photo

To change your cover photo (header photo), first click on your name to go to your page.
Facebook - upper left - Your Name arrow

On your page, hover over your existing cover photo and you will see a button in the lower left of the photo that says “Change Cover.” Hover or click on that button to display the options.
Facebook - Change Cover Photo Options

If your new photo is already in your photo album, click “Choose from Photos.” This will let your select a photo from your album. Click the photo. You can also select “Upload Photo” if you want to add a new photo from your computer. Browse to your new photo and upload it.

Whichever you select you will have the option to position your photo by moving it around before saving. Once everything is in place, click the Save Changes button.

If you find you want to change the position again, you can select the “Reposition” option from the “Change Cover” options to adjust the photo position.

Or if for some reason you want to remove your cover photo completely, just click remove.

Facebook changes often, this process may have changed since this was written. If you would like to add suggestions or improvements feel free to add them in the comments area.


Facebook Tips – Keeping It Positive

I normally do not write Facebook Tips for a couple of reasons.  One is that Facebook changes features and settings almost continuously so what I say today may not work at all on Facebook tomorrow.  Another reason is that I am no expert on Facebook, just a normal user, so I don’t have much to add to the conversation.  But, lately, there seems to be a lot of incorrect information floating around about how to keep your news feed up to date with information you want to see while preventing some of the more often negative tones or perhaps we would say less desirable moods prevail in your News Feeds.

First, let’s look at what the News Feed is actually letting us see.  Basically it is what Facebook machines believe is most important to you.  The machine decides by “guessing” at what you want to see next using a combination of what you “like”, what you view, where you are, your age and other information Facebook has collected about you.  You can adjust these settings and tell it what you really want to see or more importantly what you do “not” want to see.

Go to Facebook and hover over the name of one of your friends in the feed.  A “pop up” will show you their picture, some general information, and 2 buttons in the lower right corner of the pop up: A “Friends” button and a “Message” button.

Now hover or click on the “Friends” button inside that pop up to get some options.  If you uncheck the “Show in News Feed” it will no longer show updates from that user in your News Feed area.  Here is where I want to make note that these settings only apply to the “News Feed” area (where you start in Facebook).  If you click on any of the groups on the left, this does not apply, you will see the friend in that area.  The object of the News Feed area is to bring into immediate view your most wanted friends updates.

On this same pop up options area you can also click “Close Friend” to add it to your Close Friends list or one of the other Groups to add to that Group List.  You can suggest friends to that person or unfriend.  If you unfriend them, you will not longer be connected and will not get direct updates or information from their status updates at all.  If you have friends in common you may still see comments from that person on other status updates.

Now let’s look at a more precious way to narrow down what you see from some of your friends.  Let’s say for example you have someone on your list that is always updating with photos that you really do not want to see, for whatever reason.  But maybe they do status updates and comments that you do not mind seeing.  Hover over the person or go to their page by clicking on them.  Hover over or click the Friends button.  Then click “Settings”.

You will notice the top of the options list here lets you pickup a level of updates: All Updates, Most Updates and Only Important updates.  Facebook default is Most Updates.  Which means it sends most of their updates to your News Feed.  You can move a person up or down in that list (kind of like a ranking system for that person).  Or at the bottom you will notice update “types”.

You can uncheck the updates that you do not want to see from that person on your News Feed.  In our example we do not want to see the pictures in our news feed so we uncheck the Photos.  If you are not a Games person you might want to uncheck the Games updates.  Remember this only applies to your News Feed.  If you go to that person page or a group that you have that person in, you will see the pictures and everything else.

Now let’s say you have a friend on your list that has posted something that you just do not want to see any more, for whatever reason.  You do not want to change the friend setting maybe, you just do not want to see that one post.  If you hover over the post area you will notice that a down area appears in the upper right corner of the block.  In this area you can select to either “Follow Post”, “Hide” or Report it as Spam.  Most likely in this case you would want to “Hide” the status update.  You will no longer see the updates for that status block.

The hide option will hide it only from you in your News Feed and your Group Lists.  If you go to the persons Facebook Page you will see the status update on their page.  The hide option does not hide it from anyone else.

There are tons of other options available and this only scratches the surface, but using this options/settings area you can control what you see in your News Feed and streamline what news you get from your friends.